taylorprincessswift asked:

How was the 5th song? And how was her house? :)

alltoofuckingwell answered:

Okay she talked about the whole track five thing and she wasn’t doing that on purpose! Like she didn’t even know she was doing it. So the “track five” song is actually the last song on the album because she felt it fit there the best and again. Aaaammmaazing. I literally cried. It..I can’t. It’s…more than I ever imagined.


Anonymous asked:

I went to the listening session and I'm a bit scared of even writing this in the first place cause I had to basically swear on my life not to say anything but the last song on the album will literally destroy you. It is so beautiful and... Ugh I cried. Actually, no we all cried lol. You do not know what's coming

taylorsvift answered:

ahh i’M SO EXCITED!! and you’re absolutely fine pal! i think you can say this, there are others on here who tell WAY more.

anon…….. tell me the name………lmao…C’:..